Developing the archaeological database

A major task in the project is creating the archaeological site database of the study area. For this, we are collaborating with Dr. Matthias Lang at the eScience Centre of the University of Tübingen (Germany), who will provide us with the necessary database interface (ArchGate). The base information we are using is derived from various sources, and needs careful scrutiny in order to judge the quality of information. It is our aim to develop a database of Roman sites in the study area that is as complete and reliable as possible, while maintaining a full documentation of the original sources, like the site records found in the national archaeological database Archis and the relevant bibliography and data that is partly stored the national digital archaeological repository at DANS. Filling and checking the database is a priority for the project at the moment, and we expect to spend much of 2014 on it. Eventually, we aim to make the data publicly available.

We have presented a first paper on this issue at the CAA2014 conference (Paris, 22-25 April 2014).