Seminar 2016

On 27 June 2016, we organized a seminar on ‘Detection and Modelling of Ancient Pathways’, co-sponsored by CLUE+ and ARCHON. Computer-based modelling of movement and transport in prehistory, and the detection and interpretation of ancient pathways from LiDAR images have both attracted much interest in the community of ‘digital archaeology’. Up to now, however, there have been few attempts to link pathway modelling to detection and vice versa. In this seminar, experts from France, Slovenia, the United States and the Netherlands presented the state of the art in both fields, and explored the possible connections between the two. How can we use LiDAR as a source to test pathway models, and vice versa, how can modelling be used to interpret the traces of ancient paths detected on LiDAR images? What can it tell us about the relationships between transport, settlement and landscape? And how can we use archaeological and historical data to help us interpret the observed patterns?

The pdfs of the papers can be downloaded here.

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