Workshop 2014

Below you will find the titles of the papers presented during the workshop. To access the presentations, a login is required.

Session 1: the archaeological background

Prof. Nico Roymans (VU University Amsterdam)
The archaeology of the Batavian river area. An overview of three decades of research

Dr. Stijn Heeren (VU University Amsterdam)
Rural communities, demography and the regional economy in the Batavian area 

Dr. Heleen van Londen, Anja Fischer & Dr. Chiara Cavallo (University of Amsterdam)
Forum Hadriani, a consuming market for food from Midden-Delfland?

Prof. Michel Reddé (École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris)
Environment and historical evolution of a Roman Frontier site on the upper Rhine : the case of Oedenburg (Biesheim-Kunheim, Haut-Rhin, France)

Session 2: wood, plants and animals

Prof. Esther Jansma (University of Utrecht / RCE, Amersfoort)
Inter-site dendrochronology of the Roman period in the Low Countries

Dr. Robyn Veal (University of Cambridge)
Modeling the wood and fuel supply to Pompeii and its applicability to the Limes

Dr. Laura Kooistra (BIAX Consult, Zaandam)
Arable farming and the provenance of plant food for the Roman army in the Rhine delta

Dr. Philip Buckland (University of Umeå)
Moving from single proxy, single site environmental interpretation towards multiproxy, multi-site landscape reconstruction

Dr. Maaike Groot (University of Basel)
Animal husbandry in the Roman Dutch River Area

Dr. Richard Thomas (University of Leicester)
Feeding the Roman army in Britannia: landscapes of resistance and compliance

Session 3: palaeogeography

Marieke van Dinter (University of Utrecht / ADC Archeoprojecten, Amersfoort)
Romans in the river delta: rivers, swamps and mosquitoes. Landscape reconstruction of the Old Rhine system, western part of the Limes-zone in the Netherlands

Jan Verhagen (VU University Amsterdam)
Roman waterworks in the Rhine – Meuse delta

Session 4: spatial analysis

Dr. Laure Nuninger (CNRS, Besançon)
A time-tested protocol for comparative approach of regional settlement patterns and land-use dynamics

Dr. Andrew Bevan (University College London)
The spatial analysis of interactions, boundaries and settlements

Session 5: modelling

Marieke van Dinter, Dr. Laura Kooistra, Monica Dütting, Pauline van Rijn & Dr. Chiara Cavallo (University of Utrecht / ADC Archeoprojecten, Amersfoort)
Could the local population of the lower Rhine delta supply the Roman army? Modelling the carrying capacity: an interdisciplinary approach

Dr. Alžběta Danielisová, Dr. Kamila Olševičová, Richard Cimler (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)
Cellular automata, system dynamics  and agent-based modeling of the late Iron Age settlement agglomerations

 Dr. Thomas Whitley (University of Western Australia, Perth)
Veni, Vidi, Calculati (I Came, I Saw, I Did the Math): Archaeological Energetics and the Quantifying of Caesar’s Campaign against the Helvetii, 58 BC

Iza Romanowska (University of Southampton)
So you think you can model? Towards a framework for evaluating simulations in archaeology


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